To Be A Master | Working Master (II) – IBD

Live access at Thu Aug 18, 2016 08:30pm EDT

Have you ever watched the movie “Wolf of a Wall Street”? Basically it is a perfect picture of how people imagine life of an investment banker to be. However, hate to disappoint you that the real life of an investment banker is far from this picture. The traditional role of an investment banker involves meeting with clients, preparing offers, running financial projections and working on pitch books, or sales books created by the firm to help generate new clients. What is more important, investment bankers need excellent social skills. Plenty of business students can perform the technical functions of an investment banking associate, but few have the stamina and social graces to grease the wheels with senior staff and clients. Today we have an Wall Street senior Cindy to share her years of experience in IBD and disclose the truth behind this highly lucrative job and how it gets more so with time and promotion.

Working Master (II) - IBD
经验 | 非会计出身,她如何用最短时间成为毕马威最全能的实习生
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