Live Your American Dream | Entrepreneurship in America

Live access at Thu July 7, 2016 09:00pm EDT

You must have heard about Snapchat, Uber and WeWork, but you may not know about the entrepreneurship behind the success of these newly established enterprises. How do they come up with new ideas and seize the opportunity to succeed? What common difficulties do they face at the very beginning? Unfortunately, there isn’t a textbook telling you how to become a successful entrepreneur, so all you can do is to learn from others’ experiences. Do you want to know how financial industry experience can help set the foundation of an educational technology firm? Do you want to know how a graduate with education studies background start and operate entrepreneur social platform? And also, how a technical background entrepreneur use what he learned in to his business? Today, we are glad to have 3 experienced entrepreneurs described above to share their story with us.

Entrepreneurship in America
Product Management
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