Bloody Truth

Bloody Truth Series is our first online class series, in assisting you gaining edges in the job hunting process.

Developed by front-line working professionals, the Bloody Truth Series is designed to help students and young professionals gain critical industry insights within five industries and first hand interview tips.

Investment Banking Toolkit SeriesNEW

Investment Banking Toolkit Series will give you a competitive edge by turning you into a blazingly fast “Excel Master”.

“Investment Banking Toolkit” series is a result-driven career guide and a skilled handbook designed specifically for students who are seeking a finance career in the investment banking industry. It aims to develop your financial modeling skills, boost your analytical abilities and maximize your opportunities in career seeking paths.

UniAcademy FAQ

What is UniAcademy? What is Bloody Truth?

UniAcademy is an innovative online education platform developed by UniCareer. Bloody Truth is the first online class series of UniAcademy, covering 5 industry tracks such as finance sell side, finance buy side, accounting, etc. Each industry track includes classes for various career paths. There are total 14 different career path classes offered within Bloody Truth.

Each career path class includes two video courses: industry overview and interview preparation. Finally, each video course comes with complimentary mock interview practices, which will allow you to practice with real interview questions anytime and anywhere.

Who can be benefited from UniAcademy|Bloody Truth? What can I learn from UniAcademy|Bloody Truth?

UniAcademy is created to help Job-seeking students and career switchers who want to learn about different industries and recruiting processes. After taking UniAcademy|Bloody Truth, you will be equipped with in-depth knowledge about your target industry and interview skills.

How long is each video?

The lengths of videos range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes. The typical length is around 20 minutes.

What is intelligent mock interview system? How to use it?

The mock interview system is artificial intelligence, allowing you to practice interview skills anytime and anywhere. The questions in the system come from real-life interviews, and are related to the materials in the video classes. All the interview question feedbacks are compiled by industry elites.

The following are examples of mock interview questions:
  • Walk me through DCF
  • Is higher P / E ratio means a better stock to purchase? Why or why not?
  • If depreciation increases, what happens to the three financial statements?

What’s the difference between UniAcademy and VIP Coaching? Which should I choose?

UniAcademy is more conducive to students who are confused about their career path and young professionals who want to switch their careers. However, students who already have clear career goals and want to focus on specific industries should choose our VIP Coaching.

  • Gain in-depth industry knowledge
  • Improve interview skills
  • Understand recruiting processes and gain interview tips
VIP Coaching
  • Tailored career development plan
  • 3-to-1 mentor/mentee system
  • Holistic package including boot camp and access to exclusive job referring system

What is the price of UniAcademy|Bloody Truth? How to purchase?

You can purchase UniAcademy|Bloody Truth courses through the following three ways:
Video You can choose to purchase a single video, industry track package or the entire “Bloody Truth” series. You will have permanent access to purchased video courses. When you purchase an industry track package or the entire “Bloody Truth” series, you will get at least 20% discount. For more details, please go to:
UniMember As a UniMember, you will have access to all UniAcademy videos for unlimited times. You will also enjoy a free boot camp spot (max $100 value) and access to our exclusive internal job referring system. UniCareer offers monthly, semi-annual and annual UniMembership plans. For more details, please go to:
VIP As a VIP client, you will have permanent access to at least one track of UniAcademy videos as complimentary service. For more details, please go to:

How can I see the full video after I made the payment?

After you purchase the video, please wait for the processing of your order. You will be informed by email that the order has been completed within 24 hours. At this time, you could simply re-login to your account, access to UniAcademy webpage ( and enjoy the tutorials you purchased.

Can I get discount for UniCareer’s other services after I purchase UniAcademy tutorials?

We do not have discount for other services if you directly purchase the video. However, we do recommend you to be our UniMember, which allows you to gain access to all the UniAcademy tutorials within active membership period and access to our exclusive job referring system. What’s more, semi-annual and annual UniMembers will get one free spot (max $100 value) for any career boot camp. For more details, please go to:

How long is the viewing period?

You may watch and re-watch your purchased video as often as you want within one year after payment has been received.