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9月的4个周末,每天6个小时,我们将邀请华尔街VP级别的导师,他们来自Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo 作为我们的名誉讲师和晚餐嘉宾,也邀请华尔街高级分析师来一步步手把手对当下热门项目交易建模,分析,掌握第一手面试动态。

我们邀请学员参加Lead Financial Company Visit, 最近距离接触职场精英,聆听华尔街专业的Panel Interview. 更有2次和Senior Professional Network的晚餐机会。只要转发本文到你的朋友圈,收获一个点赞截图发送到,留下你的姓名,学校和联系方式,我们会随机选出4名幸运的同学获得这4天的免费课程一节,截止时间9月10日中午12点。届时注意查看邮件噢!

  • 盲目投递简历,苦于不知道如何和职场精英networking,如何回答金融市场面试问题的应届生
  • 苦于面试不知如何准备,不知道如何灵活运用所学金融知识的新生
  • 处于职场迷茫,想进一步了解当下金融市场的金融产品和市场运作机制的职场新人


11:00AM – 6:00PM, 可以选择单次课程也可以选择购买全套课程


Denise: VP at leading Asset Management firm


Denise is a Vice President at a leading Asset Management firm. She is responsible for global strategic initiatives, project management, business development, client servicing and client communication for institutional clients across Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and US/Canada. Denise currently serves on the Committee of Asian Association of Alternative Investment Professionals, the Committee of Women Initiative Network, and continuously advocate for Inclusion & Diversity.

Yolanda, Associate at Barclays


Currently UK Asset Growth Analyst at Barclays Strategic Analytics team in New York City, an FRM Level II candidate. Previously interned as consultant at Technology Development Center in Maryland, AML Compliance analyst at Citinank China Headquarter and Analyst at Bank of Montreal. She has 2 years of experience from various aspects of financial services, commercialbanking, corporate finance and business development.

Chen, Associate at Alliance Bernstein


Currently Fixed Income Associate at the High-Yield Corporate Credit team at Alliance Bernstein Asset Management in New York City, a CFA Level III Candidate, and previously interned with the SEC,TIAA-CREF, etc. She has more than 3 years career coaching experiences and successfully helped more than 20 mentees in securing their dreaming offer from top tier financial firms

Mia, Associate at Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Mia is now working as an Analyst of Quartz team in Bank of America Merrill Lynch, building an integrated derivatives andsecurities trading, risk, analytics and applications platform. Mia earned her master degree from Columbia University. Previously worked for Barclays FICC team.She has more than 2 years career coaching experiences

Wei, AVP at Credit Suisse


Wei earned his PHD degree at MIT, he is also a serial entrepreneur. Wei currently serves as AVP at Credit Suisse Investment Banking, mainly focus on prime brokerage on energy sector, he is also served as the personal coach and mentor for more than 5 years. Successfully helped hundreds of students for securing their dream offers at Wall Street.

Alex, Senior Associate at Brookfield


Alex Working at Brookfield Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition team in New York, has four years in both New York and Toronto offices in the areas of corporate treasury and M&A in infrastructure/Real Estate. Brookfield is a global alternative asset manager with approximately $200 billion in assets under management. The company has over a 100-year history of own in gand operating assets with a focus on property, renewable energy, infrastructure and private equity.

  • 单次课程(Individual Session):400美金/天(你可以根据自己时间安排自由选择想听的单次课程)
  • 套票(Series Package):1200美金全部四次课程
  • 两人同行8.5折,UniCareer所有学员以及校园大使8折,学员不享受2次折扣,无论单次还是套票都享受本次Career Booster课程所有福利
  • 【报名请点击阅读原文】



所有报名成功的同学均免费参加UniCareer本年度线下所有workshop以及大型network event,优先参与9月中推出的【谁来一起晚餐】系列人脉拓展训练



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