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Strategic Planning Your Career


We invite you to join our panel discussion on how to strategically plan your career, our honored speakers will share the common pitfalls they’ve seen during interviews and their day-to-day professional interactions, and also they will share their job-hunting experience.

Phil : Market Risk Manager at RBC Capital Markets
Bindu:Technical Account Manager at Google
Barbara: CEO & Co Founder of UniCareer

Speaker Bio

Barbara: CEO & Co Founder of UniCareer
Barbara has successfully navigated through most of the top financial service firms from both China and United States. Previous to UniCareer, she has worked for Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, GE and Google. Barbara was also the world champion in Dota (a WarCraft based video game) Women’s Group, played small forward on her university basketball team, and she was also a university top 10 singers.

Phil: Market Risk Manager at RBC Capital Markets
Phil had a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Shanghai University of International Business and Economics and a master’s degree in Computer Science from University of Connecticut. He serves as a Market Risk Manager at Royal Bank of Canada and is responsible for data collection, data mining, data management and risk analysis of big data, and Volcker rule/regulatory reporting of risk management department in banking. Phil has almost 10 years of experiences in big data analysis. Before joining RBC, Phil used to be a credit risk analyst at HSBC and financial performance analyst at Bear Stearns. Phil will share with international students who are eager to work in different areas and are passionate about entrepreneurship his rich experiences in big data management, finance and banking.

Bindu: Technical Account Manager at Google
Bindu gained his bachelor’s degree in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and his master’s degree of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Financial Engineering from Cornell University and Carnegie Mellon University. Currently, he serves as a technical account manager at Google and is mainly responsible for technical consulting and sales of mobile monetization platform. His client includes Dow Jones, Amazon, Bloomberg, EA, Zynga and etc. Bindu used to be working as a technology analyst and quantitative developer at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch respectively. As an active-minded man working in the scientific area, he will share his stories and experiences at Internet and finance areas with students who are eager to change jobs across the industries and are interested in entrepreneurship.



Basic Info

Date Aug 28, 2015 (Friday)
Time 2:00PM – 5:00PM
Location College Station Rudder Tower 601, Texas A&M University

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