To Be A Master | Working Master (III) – BIG4

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A large public corporation has its benefits–limited liability and ability to raise a large amount–however, along with the benefits come drawbacks. Large public corporations are faced with lots of regulation and the federal and state level and so they choose to outsource related work to the Big Four firms. This efficiency allow corporations to focus on their products and services rather than compliance related work. In this way, Big Four firms make their client firms better by freeing up time and energy that would have been dedicated to audit and compliance which allows allowing their client firms to work on what really matters: their products.. Today our guest speaker Serena, a Former Senior Associate at PwC, will talk about her life in a Big Four firm.

Working Master (II) – IBD

To Be A Master | Working Master (II) – IBD

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Have you ever watched the movie “Wolf of a Wall Street”? Basically it is a perfect picture of how people imagine life of an investment banker to be. However, hate to disappoint you that the real life of an investment banker is far from this picture. The traditional role of an investment banker involves meeting with clients, preparing offers, running financial projections and working on pitch books, or sales books created by the firm to help generate new clients. What is more important, investment bankers need excellent social skills. Plenty of business students can perform the technical functions of an investment banking associate, but few have the stamina and social graces to grease the wheels with senior staff and clients. Today we have an Wall Street senior Cindy to share her years of experience in IBD and disclose the truth behind this highly lucrative job and how it gets more so with time and promotion.


经验 | 非会计出身,她如何用最短时间成为毕马威最全能的实习生



揭秘 | 别再黑统计专业,统计毕业生起薪平均10w刀




先讲一个小故事。我刚来美国的时候,有一件事情,给我印象深刻,影响深远。加州大学伯克利分校的校长田长霖来纽约,在亚洲协会作了一个演讲,非常精彩。概括起来,他给中国留学生说了两句话,第一句话是,be an American。就是学做一个美国人。这其实是不太容易的。

To Be A Master | Working Master (I) – S&T

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If bankers are “farmers”, working over the long-haul on extended projects, traders are probably “hunters”, periods of rapid activities. The enormous pressure you face will be much greater than anything you’ve ever experienced – especially if you’ve only been a newbie before. While sales don’t have to face multiple monitors with dense graphs and charts, they will be humbly in touch with as many clients as possible via diverse channels and coordinate the trade with traders to facilitate the process. Today, we are glad to have a professional quantitative trader to share his years of experience in trading financial instruments. He’ll also provide valuable insights to interns and job seekers to better understand the nature of Sales and Trading.

Working Master (I) – S&T




7月 部分公司开始内推
8月 大多数有内推流程的公司开始内推(如果这次内推没有通过,大多数公司都不影响你的正式校招)
9月 大多数公司开始正式校招
10月 少部分公司开始正式校招
11月 基本就不剩下什么公司秋招了(当然,基本不包括全部,也有少部分公司才开始校招或者校招还没结束)
12月 更是基本就全部结束了(这个时候如果没找到合适的就等待春招的到来吧)